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24 - Hot Flower XXX Action
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24 - Hot Flower XXX Action
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Oops - 01 Jun 2005 09:18 am

I made a pretty big mistake while working on this one, but I still like how it turned out quite a bit. You can check out a higher resolution version sans text here.

I went and got a myspace profile, which is something I've managed to avoid for quite some time. These things happen, I suppose.

See you again on Sunday.

-Tyrus Peace


Because Latin is dead. - 01 Jun 2005 04:17 pm

I changed the comic title from "Flora Magnus" to "Hot Flower XXX Action".

The lines for this were drawn, in part, to Cat Power's album "You Are Free". I've had it for a while now but just came to realize that I really do dig it quite a bit.

Also, the recently released Breaking down track "Yours" receives rather high recommendations from myself. Have a listen here if you feel like exposing yourself to something awesome, but try to wait at least thirty minutes after listening to this before you expose yourself to further awesome, or you may well experience awesomeness overdose. The symptoms include tittering, blank eyes, and a stupid grin, often followed by trembling and hooting. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, then contact the nearest MVD as soon as possible. Such concentrated anti-awesome is your only hope.

-Tyrus Peace


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