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75 - Team Bipolar: Pow is for Sissies
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75 - Team Bipolar: Pow is for Sissies
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The No One Loves You Punch is rivaled only by the They Don't Remember You Kick in the Balls. - 21 May 2006 09:28 am

Man, I cannot draw beige thugs for the life of me. And I'm pretty sure those block letters would be bad enough to get me beaten up if I was in the third grade. Third graders take their block letters seriously.

Team Bipolar has been mentioned in the past, but this is their first crime fightin' adventure where they display their awe inspiring super powers.

I spent an embarassing chunk of last week coding the comment option immediately to the right of the comic. For some reason I felt the need to make it without using Javascript. Now each comic has its own comment page, which means that there are 73 commentless comics. Excellent! Info from you radlicious readers on how it runs on different browsers would be most welcome. As far as I've seen, Firefox seems to run it as intended, IE is dumb with scrollbars as usual and has bizarre focus issues with the form on occasion (you may need to click a field besides name before you can actually click on name), and the comments bit actually looks better in Opera than the rest of the page does. Sorry five guys that use Opera, but it just doesn't seem to do well with tables + CSS.

I am babbling to the max, but I must first implore you to check out tamago boro because I cannot stop eating them. Preferred method: suck on one until it dissolves into tasty mush, repeat forever. My bag is shaped like a teddy bear. Your mileage may vary if your tasty treats are housed in packaging which is not quite as thrillingly masculine. Good morning night.

-Tyrus Peace


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