Progeny Life makes music.

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Progeny renders the lives of virtual organisms as they grow, multiply, and mutate.

Single notes and colored lines represent births, while chords accompanied by black lines represent deaths. The note played is determined by the size of the lifeform.

Please direct feedback/bug reports to the forums.

Progeny 0.6.4b (windows, posted 3/14/08)
+changed to irrKlang sound library to fix issue where sound didn't play.
Super sweet user made sound sets:
Oniap by Robert Lavery [preview video]
Depresso by Robert Lavery [preview mp3]

8Bit by Venter [preview video]
8Bit2 by Venter [preview mp3]
LifeNDeath by Venter [preview mp3]

Video of 8Bit custom sounds:
+WMV Revver

General video overview of Progeny + tools preview:

Video of oniap custom sounds:
+WMV Revver

Video of carnivores:

Video of plants, herbivores and a few carnivores:

Sounds recorded by Mikaela Miller

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